Ipek Akarca is a slow fashion brand and we do not support fast fashion at all.

Our brand is established as a luxury everyday wear, suitable for every hours and many occasion of our modern living. So we do not follow seasons. We produce limited quantity; the limited series of collections produced as the design edition are with serial numbers on their tags. We keep each item in the collection until last one finds its owner, mean while we keep adding new ideas, colours in the collection. So the collection idea of the brand is sustainable.

 Carry out Traditions in Design:

We value to continue using the traditional fabric painting methods and hand-crafting. All our pattern designs are being prepared on row pure silk fabrics by utilizing various traditional batik techniques, brush and brush work.  Of course our batik paints are ecological.

Sustainable Designs

The sustainability of a design is as vital to us as its colors and patterns. The right materials and quality workmanship increase the sustainability of our designs. It is quite important for us that our collections can be used with the quality of the first day for many years. For this purpose, we use materials that will meet these conditions in our production processes.

Our fabrics: For our designs, we take our inspiration from nature, we focus on environmentally sensitive components that will ensure the continuity of the ecosystem. We use only natural fabrics such as Silk %100- Cotton %100 or Viscose %100 or linens.

Our fabric sourcing mills are not only aware of but also implement the sustainability processes in their production. We work with inspected facilities that have valid occupational health and safety certificates.

We design simple cuts in our patterns, try our best to prevent fabric left overs. If we have any we send the to recycling mills for reuse.

 Working ethics:

Our team is not limited with us. All subcontractors, mills, artisan ateliers we work with are our team. We are strict in ethical working conditions. We choose our team members accordingly. We see each person equal; we do not have any discrimination to any human.

Local artisans:

We use local pattern makers, produce in local artisans to support the small business.

Social responsibility.

We collaborate with non-profit organizations. At least 4 times in a year we carry our shop to into their events in order to support the on going sustainable projects.