Delivery Terms

Please pay attention to the following points when receiving the products:

Compare the products on the invoice with the products brought to you by the cargo company. If the products you receive are missing, do not accept them and inform us. Receive the crushed products in return for a report and inform us. One of the most common problems in delayed deliveries is insufficient address information. Please enter your delivery address fully and completely. If the recipient is not at his address, delivery is made only to his first degree relative after checking his/her photo ID information. It prioritizes the security of credit card holders who shop on and checks your payment/invoice information from the moment you place your order. Therefore, in order for your order to reach the supply and delivery stage, you must first confirm the accuracy of your order's payment/invoice information and send you an E-mail confirming it. Additionally, if deemed necessary, your orders can be subject to Bank Security Approval, regardless of the lower limit for the order. This process is to prevent malicious third parties from making purchases with your credit cards. In this case, the delivery time will be extended by one day. We hope you understand this.

If the order confirmation is received properly, 1 business day at the earliest after the orders are delivered to the cargo, it will be delivered within 10 business days at the latest. The maximum period is 10 days, and in practice, orders generally arrive within 4 business days. Yurtiçi Kargo and Aras Kargo companies that we will generally use can deliver products to all points in Turkey. If there is no cargo agency in your location, it is called the Mobile Zone, and the product will be delivered to you on certain days of the week. These prices and supply times are valid for provincial and district centers. Product delivery cannot be made to areas outside our provincial/district centers and mobile zones (Villages, Hamlets, Military Units, etc.) or can be made by requesting an extra shipping fee.

Products with an active buy now button indicate that this product is in stock. In case of products that are not available in the parent company's stock in the orders you place, even if very rarely, you will be notified by contacting your contact phones or e-mail. Completely fill your informations for us to reach you.

ORDER CANCELLATION keeps stock of certain products, but reserves the right to give up the sale if the products it does not keep stock cannot be supplied. If this situation occurs for some products in the basket; Account information is received from the customer and the difference is refunded within 7 business days following the receipt of the information. If the payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card. cannot be held responsible for any delays that may arise from bank transactions. Generally, refunds are reflected on credit cards within 72 hours due to interbank clearing.

If there is no color option in the bottom description of the product you have ordered, or if no color preference or explanation is given as additional information in the order note section, the product that is in stock will be sent. Decorative accessories included in product photographs may not be included in the product prices. Products with accessory gifts are specifically mentioned in the product description. Accessories that are not described are not included in the product offered for sale.

In order for your order to reach you as quickly as possible, please write your address information as clearly as possible. For security reasons, delivery by cargo can be made with notice.

Open the package you received from Cargo in the presence of the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any errors or omissions, please contact us immediately. Do not accept faulty or problematic cargo or product. We will take necessary action for damaged products that you notify us within 2 hours after receiving your cargo.

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