Deep Top



Bias-cut undershirt made of 100% natural silk fabric.

It is a work called “Deep”, influenced by the sparkles of the sea.
The pattern design was hand-painted in our own studio, using a combination of watercolor techniques and salt and batik techniques, with brush strokes on a 100% silk white fabric. The same original pattern was produced by digital printing in only 15 pieces with serial number.

Model Information:
Since it is oblique cut, it flows comfortably on you.
Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can adjust the collar opening according to your height.
You can wear it alone or create a dress look by wearing it with our deep skirt.
Model is size 36.


Fabric Information
Made from 100% natural silk fabric.
Since it is a natural fiber, it keeps you cool and has a drape.
Due to their special quality, the silk fabrics we use in our collections do not wrinkle very quickly, do not stain easily, and are easy to use.

Washing and Usage information
Suitable for dry cleaning.
You can wash it gently by hand with cold water and silk shampoo, and then lay it out to dry.
Never put it in the dryer and please iron it on reverse at low temperature.


%100 Doğal ipek

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